I recently recorded an interview with Simon Mabon (Lancaster) for the podcast series of Lancaster University’s project on Sectarianism, Proxies, and De-Sectarianization, in which I talk about my journey from the north of England to the Middle East.

You can listen to my musings here!



Remapping the Middle East is no more than a fantasy concocted from a phantasm, an illusion distilled from the fragments of a half-remembered dream.”

To read the rest of my take on the West’s obsession with redrawing the map of the Middle East, visit my article in Discover Society!

Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service recently interviewed me about my new book project, The Nation Belongs to All:The Making of Modern Syria.

Read more about my motivations for writing this book, how my research informs my teaching, and why the Sykes-Picot narrative misunderstands the Middle East here.

Other recent news contributions include:

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